"As we’ve said this album was inspired by our influences. Hip-hop has always been a musical influence for us. “Danger” was essentially a “mix tape” with 3 artists each doing verses. We brought each artist to a place that represented them musically. Special thanks to J Boog and Knowaking of Tyrone's Jacket for giving us their time to make it happen. Shout out to our boy Dane Hodgson for bringing the vision to life. "

NEW self-titled ALBUM


"We’ve always been a band with very eclectic influences. We’ve never shied away from exploring different styles or sounds. We’ve always said that we don’t care what “genre” a song fits into, we just care that we serve the song and let IT dictate where we go. This album was 2 years in the making and is what we consider the definitive sound of Iration. You’ll hear all of our influences being channeled and it might take you a few listens before you hear them all. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the ride."

- Micah Pueschel

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